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Greenland Logistics
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Tangent Guided Trips (all inclusive)

Bookings can be made online from this website. Please note payments can only be made by UK sterling cheque payable to Tangent Expeditions Ltd or CHAPS or international bank transfer. After sending the booking form please request an access code from Tangent for the restricted area of our website. There you will find bank payment details along with various other useful information.

Logistics Packages (all inclusive, non-guided)

For private and independent groups Tangent offers all inclusive expedition logistics packages. Since you will be  requiring various travel and logistics services it’s far better and more time efficient to book all these services through Tangent and usually at a cheaper overall cost.


Greenland expeditions can be quite expensive, especially when using private charter of ski equipped aircraft and helicopters. This is due to the very high overheads of operating such aircraft in remote parts of the High Arctic, especially with regard to fuel costs in the current climate. It is therefore best to set yourselves a maximum budget and Tangent can advise on the various possibilities and mountain ranges available within your budget. Alternatively, if budget is not such an issue then please advise us of your ideal requirements and objectives for your expedition and we can advise on the various options available to you.

Planning Timeline

The ideal time to begin thinking about a trip to Greenland is between 12 and 9 months prior to your intended arrival date to Greenland. The season is normally March to August, depending on which activities you are wishing to carry out and in which mountain ranges. It’s good practice to begin discussing your requirements with Paul Walker during the summer prior to the year in which you plan to travel. Meetings can then be arranged in the early Autumn and mountain range, dates and contracts agreed in mid to late Autumn. Deposits for private groups are required by 30th November, or by 31st December latest, in exceptional circumstances. This is in order to allow Tangent to plan the following year’s flight operations in an efficient manner for all expeditions planning to use the Twin Otter ski plane and helicopter flight logistics. Other groups using only snowmobile, dog sledge and schedule flight services will be able to delay bookings until 31st January if need be.

Group Sizes

For groups using the Twin Otter ski plane or helicopter the number of passengers are limited depending on the mountain range being visited. This can vary from just 3 people up to 10 people, depending on if ski landings are required, the flying distance, aircraft fuel payload, amount of food and equipment on board, altitude of landing site, temperature,  nature of landing site, runway length etc. As a general rule, the larger the number of passengers in a group, the cheaper the per person price becomes. In recent years the operational costs of the Twin Otter and helicopter have gone up significantly. This makes it of a paramount importance to get groups to confirm their booking on time in order to coordinate the flight logistics for all groups in the most cost effective manner possible so that we can keep prices as reasonable as possible.

Individual Services

We are happy to sell individual components of your expedition logistics but the price will generally be more expensive than booking those same services as part of a package. Unfortunately, as with any tour operator, we do not offer a fully itemised breakdown of the charges for each component item within a package, only a total amount. You will however receive a full list of exactly what is and is not included within that total package price.


Example itineraries for our expeditions are included on this website on the relevant pages.

Booking Conditions

Booking conditions are available to view at the end of the online booking form.

Important Considerations

Weather delays of several days can and do sometimes affect expedition logistics to/from and within Greenland.
For private and independent groups the total value of  your expedition package price will remain largely the same even if you lose a member of your team. Therefore be prepared for this with a reserve member. The bulk of the cost is for private aircraft and helicopter charter, which will not change if you are one person less. This extra cost will need to be covered by the remaining members of your team.
To protect against certain costs incurred through cancellation we strongly recommend that full and comprehensive insurance cover is taken out through Tangent Expeditions at the time of payment of deposit.
Depending on exact numbers within your group it may be necessary to share a charter flight with another group going to the same or a nearby mountain range.
All prices are calculated on the assumption that Tangent will be utilising the un-used legs of any flight or transportation journeys.

Greenland logistics