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Greenland Logistics
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ALL INCLUSIVE LOGISTICS PACKAGE – Independent Mountaineering Groups

A typical all inclusive "expedition logistics package" would normally include the
following items that are relevant to your expedition:-

2 nights Reykjavik guesthouse accommodation;
(based on shared rooms but can be extended and/or upgraded)
Return internal flight transfers in Iceland;
Return schedule or charter flight between Iceland and Greenland;
Internal helicopter transfer in Greenland;
Private Twin Otter (ski plane) charter flights to/from the mountains; and/or
Private Helicopter charter flights to/from the mountains;
Twin Otter / helicopter handling, take-off and landing fees;
Twin Otter / Helicopter fuel;
Twin Otter / helicopter airport standing ground fees;
Pilot meals & accommodation in Iceland and Greenland whilst on contract;
All airport taxes;
All passenger fees;
Return haulage charges for transfer of freight from Tangent Kendal store
to/from freight shipping terminal at Immingham;
Sea freight of food and equipment from UK to Iceland (up to 50kg per person);
Air freight of food and equipment from Iceland to Greenland (up to 50kg per person);
Haulage charges for transfer of freight within Iceland between shipping company and airport;
Freight handling, storage and transfer charges in UK;
Freight handling, storage and transfer charges in Iceland;
Freight handling, storage and transfer charges in Greenland;
All freight customs and export/import documentation charges;
Costs of Tangent staff checking and sorting your freight at destination;
Return of above equipment from Greenland to UK via Iceland or Denmark;
Radio permit;
Expedition permit;
Firearms permit;
Camping stove fuel (White Gas / Coleman fuel equivalent);
Arrangement of the insurance (the actual policy premium payment is extra);
Arrangement of special compulsory Insurance Statement to the Danish authorities;
Access to our extensive research facilities, including;
  expedition reports database,
  over 1000 aerial survey photographs covering all the important climbing
  areas in Greenland,
  all the relevant maps,
  aeronautical flight charts and geological sheets,
Local map of Reykjavik
Pulk sledge hire (1 per tent pair);
Rifle hire (firearms deterrent against polar bear);
Rifle cleaning and servicing at end of expedition;
Ammunition (normally up to 20 rounds);
Hire of a “distress kit” normally containing;
  PLB satellite linked radio beacon,
  rocket flares,
  handheld orange smoke flares,
  pack of 8 mini-flares,
  VHF air band radio;
Satellite telephone hire;
Solar recharging system hire for above;
One meeting at client mainland UK address including time and travelling expenses;
Unlimited meetings with Paul Walker at our office address;
All advice and consultancy fees;
All office, admin and support fees;
All Tangent expenses in Iceland & Greenland whilst co-ordinating logistics;
Access to Tangent’s expedition equipment discount scheme;
24 hr back-up consultancy support service whilst on expedition.
ATOL client payment protection scheme


International flights from country of origin to Iceland.
Excess baggage charges.
Delivery of clients personal equipment to/from Tangent Kendal store
(for onward freighting to Iceland, or after arrival back in UK)
Expedition food.
Food and meals bought locally in Iceland (breakfast is included).
Food and meals bought locally in Greenland.
Taxi or bus fares in Iceland.
Group equipment other than specialist equipment outlined above.
Personal equipment rental (ice axe, hammer, harness, helmet, crampons, etc)
Accommodation upgrades and single room surcharges.
Purchase of maps and aerial photographs.
Satellite telephone calls at £3 per minute.
Worldwide Expedition Travel, Rescue and Repatriation Insurance (compulsory)
- will be quoted for separately.

Greenland logistics