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Snorri's Guesthouse, Reykjavik

In Iceland we use “Snorri’s guesthouse, a warm, friendly and comfortable guesthouse situated within easy walking distance of the city centre shops, bars and restaurants. We have a range rooms available including single, twin, triple and family rooms, with or without en-suite facilities. All our prices include breakfast, but there is no facility for purchasing lunch or evening meals. Lunches and dinners are normally taken in town and there is a general convenience store opposite that serves sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, fries, ice creams, etc. Reykjavik restaurants cater for all tastes and budgets, helped by the recent fall in the value of the Icelandic crown which makes Iceland a much more affordable place to visit now! We have used this guesthouse for many years and we have an excellent relationship with the owner Magnus and his staff, who are always extremely helpful and polite. They are also very understanding and accommodating when it comes to the piles of skis, boots and rucksacks that we always turn up with, sometimes when least expected following occasional delays with flights to/from Greenland. They are also happy to store items of our clean clothes and belongings for our return to Reykjavik at the end of your expedition, provided they are clearly labelled.

Guesthouse Akureyri, Akureyri

Similarly we sometimes use guesthouse accommodation in Akureyri in north Iceland, the base location for our Twin Otter ski plane, for those departing on the Twin Otter from Iceland. This also includes breakfast and is in the centre of the beautiful and quiet town of Akureyri. Lunches and meals are purchased either in town or out at the airport whilst awaiting your flight to Greenland. Akureyri airport is located 5 minute taxi ride from the town centre or a 30 minute walk.

Gamla Guesthouse, Isafjørdur

For some mountain ranges in east Greenland, in the general area of the Watkins Mountains and the Blosseville Coast region, we fly direct to the glaciers from the small fishing town of Isafjrørdur in north west Iceland. A 40 minute domestic flight takes you there from the domestic Air Iceland terminal in Reykjavik. In Isafjørdur we use the charming Gamla (Old) guesthouse which also includes breakfast and is in the centre of this quiet and sleepy fishing village. Lunches and meals are purchased either in town or out at the airport whilst awaiting your flight to Greenland. Isafjørdur airport is located on the other side of the fjord from the town, about a 10 minute taxi ride from the town centre or a 45 minute walk.

Other Guesthouses

For those who require alternative accommodation or more up market hotels we would be happy to book these for you at an additional surcharge.

Delays/Extended Stay

Flights within Iceland, and between Iceland and Greenland, can occasionally be disrupted due to weather. In these circumstances any additional accommodation charges in Iceland should be paid for locally by clients. These additional costs are not included in the tour price. On schedule flights between Reykjavik and Kulusuk or Constable Point airports in Greenland, the airline will normally put passengers up on a half board basis at a hotel of their choice.


Accommodation prices and surcharges can be found on our separate Guesthouse /Hotels web page.

Greenland logistics