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Paul Walker  B.Ed Hons, F.R.G.S.

Paul trained as an Outdoor Education teacher and holds an Honours degree in Outdoor Education and Mathematics. At the age of 23 he became one of the youngest UK qualified Winter Mountain Leaders and had already led three summer and three winter expeditions on to Iceland's notorious Vatnajokull icecap, as well as a two month alpine climbing expedition to the Schweizerland Alps of east Greenland. In 1993 he led a three man team to make the first ascent of the 28 pitch northeast ridge route of Mont Forel in east Greenland.

Since then Paul has worked exhaustively to open up new mountaineering ranges in Greenland and to become the world's leading authority and most experienced leader of mountaineering, ski-touring and icecap expeditions to Arctic Greenland. Over the past 25 years Paul has organised more than 200 expeditions to Arctic Greenland, Baffin Island and Svalbard and has made over 100 first ascents of new peaks in Greenland.

In 1999 he led the first British guided ski crossing of Greenland, using kite traction for wind assistance. Since then he has organised eight further crossings of the Greenland icecap. In March 2001 he led the winter "Polestar" expedition to arctic Svalbard which made the first British south-north ski traverse of the largest island Spitsbergen by an all land based high mountain route: a 38 day journey in temperatures down to -40 degrees.

In February/March 2006 Paul led an 8 strong team to make the first successful winter ascent of Gunnbjørns Fjeld 3693m , the highest mountain in the Arctic. He is also one of the few people to have experienced and survived a Polar Bear attack in Greenland when a bear ripped through several tents during the above expedition.

Paul lectures on Arctic mountaineering and organizes Greenland training expeditions for prospective North and South Pole attempts. His favourite outdoor passions are Telemark skiing, Arctic ski journeys and extreme cold climate expeditions! As part of his work Paul has also been the logistics consultant and organiser for various arctic TV documentaries and series including "Blizzard Race for the Pole", "Ian Wright's Excellent Adventure" and a two part Japanese production on big wall climbing in Greenland.

In 2011 Paul established his "Snow Dragons" arctic base at Constable Point in north east Greenland. This base and logistics platform includes accommodation, office, fuel depot, equipment stores, work shop, a fleet of snowmobiles and two boats. It is the base for his "Snow Dragons" team of experienced arctic and polar guides from where they launch a broad range of arctic expeditions.

Paul owns and runs the expedition travel company Tangent Expeditions Ltd which specializes in expeditions to Arctic Greenland, Baffin Island, Ellesmere Island and Svalbard. He lives in the small village of Slack Head (near Milnthorpe in Cumbria, UK).

Greenland logistics